1.Customer support module

The customer Support module involves tracking and responding to customers’ emails in a streamlined and efficient manner.
It also displays order-related information and helps the CS team to provide better support

  • Respond to customer emails directly from the module
  • Track customer interactions and responses from 115 email ids
  • View the status of customer orders in real time from the media application
  • Easily access customer information, and edit it as per request without any overlap
  • Run time data sync with Media Panel – CRM and vice versa
  • Status and combination are mapped with media

2.Vendor module

Module streamlines vendor product management and inventory tracking, and consolidates all vendor data in one database. Handles PNQ updates for 6 marketplaces.

  • Easily add vendor data (listings+inventory) in vendor module.
  • Activate vendor data in module.
  • Sync data from AMI VIR to ADP.
  • Sync price/quantity updates from AMI VIR to ADP.
  • Mark data in ADP for marketplace use.
  • Conduct PNQ testing in marketplace.

1.Fedex and endicia bulk label generation

IT team’s semi-automatic solution for bulk label generation resulted in a 90% reduction in productive hours per day for our brand’s order processing team. We also used this solution for missed orders in Virventures, eliminating the need for manual label generation.

  • Saved approx 4.5 hours everyday on generating labels for brand’s operations team.
  • Enabled resources to spend time on other productive tasks.

1.DataOne - Change KPI

Change KPI compares sales in a selected period to the same period before. Helps optimize strategy based on growth or decline in sales.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different types of marketing campaigns.
  • Evaluate keyword performance and marketing spend.
  • Optimize pricing strategies as per sales trends.
  • Make informed decisions about inventory management and more.

2.Negative reviews report integration

This feature sends a user alerts via email as soon as a user receives a negative review so that it can be addressed quickly. 

  • Immediate alert on negative seller feedbacks.

3.ChatGPT based Analytics Insights & recommendation

This report provides an overview of the overall analytics, along with recommended actions for improvement. Additionally, the report includes on-the-fly analyses through a user query prompt, allowing for real-time insights into the data.

  • Insights on overall analytics in brief
  • Recommended actions for the improvement
  • On the fly analyses through user query prompt

4.Hijack & Restock application for brands

Prevent unauthorized sellers from hijacking your Amazon listings and receive timely inventory stock-out alerts to avoid negative impact on your sales and brand reputation

  • Prevent un-authorized sellers from hijacking your listings on Amazon
  • Get your amazon inventory stock-out alerts in time 

1.Tax Exemption Certificate Software

Manage tax exemption certificates in one place. Brand finance team uploads certificates with customer details, and the tax team validates them via email notification and software login.

  • All the Exemption certificates will be stored in one software.
  • Upload and Validation of Tax exemption certificate will be done on time.
  • It will help us to fetch the record in Internal and External Audit.
  • This module will help us on internal control and transparency.

2.Bank Master and Vendor Master Automation

Vendor master:  
Our credit card panel includes a vendor master module to manage vendor details, such as invoice reconciliation, payment mode, contact information, and order/purchase values. The module also tracks onboarding and account manager information.

Bank Master:
Finance team can export credit card statements by bank for validated data and check for variances per vendor BR assigned to resolve issues.

  • Build systems for actionable insights on brand, forecasting, and vendor analytics. 
  • Custom rate limits for larger accounts to enable real-time data.

1.Bifurcation of PO# of Warehouse Order

Our system generates unique PO numbers, notifies the warehouse team via email, and offers a dashboard to view and export all warehouse orders.

  • PO’s will not be overridden during Vendor Analysis and it will reflect accurate numbers.
  • There won’t be any variance during Payment Validation and Reconciliation.
  • Easy access to orders sold from Warehouse from application itself.

2.List of products associated with a brand

   Brand SKU panel for business team to make sales strategy.

  • Reduce time & effort for CMT & pricing team to find brand products and take action.
  • Approximately 20 hrs.
  • Easy access to export the data from the application itself.

3. Integration of New Amazon hello account in system

   This requirement will help to split Positive and negative vendors and we can maintain a good VTR/ODR rate from Main Virventures Account

  • We can divide the Vendor in two parts – Sellable and long tail.
  • The regular performing Vendors will be listed in VirVentures account and long tail vendors will be listed in Halo account.
  • Once long tail Vendors start to generate revenue or are sold regularly will be moved to VirVentures account. 

1.Asset Management Portal

Secure portal tracks asset lifecycle, from procurement to disposal, ensuring compliance and facilitating ISO 27001 compliance with auditable        record-keeping and downloadable reports.

  • Increased Security: 
    Securely manage assets and ensure regulatory compliance with our portal. No need for HRMS with our auditable asset management system.
  • Cost Savings: 
    We can save on the External Asset Management Portal as this software is deployed free of cost internally.

2.PCI DSS, CIS Compliant Servers

Our shell script ensures PCI-DSS and CIS compliant servers, saving the team 300 hours and avoiding financial and reputational damage from non-compliance.

  • Compliance boosts security and brand reputation.
  • PCI-DSS/CIS compliance = less fraud risk through strong security measures.


SonarQube is a code quality inspection and analysis tool that improves code quality, is customizable, and integrates with various development tools. It identifies potential issues early in development and performs continuous code cleaning.

  • SonarQube improves code quality and reduces risks of bugs and security vulnerabilities  
  • Reduces technical debt and ensures high standards of quality and maintainability
  • Improves productivity, efficiency, software performance, security, and user experience
  • Helps deliver high-quality software and results in greater customer satisfaction and business success.